Camp Ouachita is a nationally historic public treasure.  It is encumbent upon all renters and guests to help us maintain the site. All  Great Hall rentals require a $200.00 Cleaning/Security deposit (in the form of a post dated check).  Upon successful compliance and cleanup of the facilities after use, Camp Ouachita will return the $200.00 Cleaning/Security deposit.    Failure to comply or complete the post-event clean up requirements will automatically forfeit the entire $200.00 Cleaning/Security deposit.  Below is a minimal list of requirements along with photos of EXACTLY how the great hall / kitchen fixtures must be returned.

Before exiting Camp Ouachita, facilities must be cleaned and returned to pre-event condition, including but not limited to these requirments:  1) Under no circumstance leave doors or windows open while AC or Heat are running.  2) Before leaving, all trash must be bagged, sealed and placed in the two gray dumpsters.  Do not throw away broken glass -haul it off. 3) Any excess trash that will not fit in the two gray dumpsters must be hauled off by the renter.  4) Do not leave anything behind (food, wedding props, trash, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc) it will be thrown away.  We do not store items left behind.  5) Do not leave any furniture outside.  6) All great hall tables, chairs, trash bins, and kitchen carts must be returned EXACTLY as represented in the photos below.  7) All individual trash cans muist be free of trash, and bags replaced (bags provided).  8) Do not use glitter, confetti or any items that will pose a litter issue.  9) If used, the kitchen must be thorougly cleaned, grill and stove wiped down, regridgerator and freezer emptied, counter tops wiped down, sinks clean and floor swept and mopped. 10) All floors must be swept and light mopped.  11) Before locking up, all lights must be OFF, all AC /Heat units must be OFF.  12)  Drop all keys into the brown drop box located at the main gate.  13)  Close the main gate and text to 501-889-8844 when you vacate the campus. 

Failure to comply with these cleaning requirements or discovery of any breakage or abuse of facilities by our volunteer team will result in automatic loss of the entire cleaning / security deposit.   There will be no exceptions.

East  half of great hall 8 tables/80 chairs Notice the table/chair orientation Tables/Chair arrangement must match phto
Three black tables along south wall Table and Trash Bin on north wall - left Trash Bin and Table on north wall - right
Long table on far left north wall West half of great hall is clear of tables/chairs Only one stationary table in the foryer
Any surplus tables must be stored in Kitchen Any surplus chairs must be stored in Kitchen All Kitchen carts remain in Kitchen